GIFT Power provide functionality to apply online for new connections and modifications in the existing connections. A consumer can access these functionalities on the website as well as on Android and iOS mobile apps.

The following application can be applied online:

  • New Permanent Connection
  • New Temporary Connection
  • Name Change for an Existing Connection
  • Contract Demand Alteration
  • Shifting of Services
  • Removal of Services
  • Change of Category
  • Premise Alteration

These requests are available for any registered user for the GIFT Power website or mobile application. All existing consumers who have provided their email and mobile number can use these features. They may require to generate password to be able to log in. If any existing user can not generate password, he / she may reach out to customer services to get their data updated.

Any new user would first need to register on the GIFT Power Website or mobile app. The user would then be able to apply for the applications for new and existing connections such as Permanent Connection, Temporary Connection or Name Change.

An existing consumer may apply for the new permanent connection, Temporary Connection or Name Change. He may apply for changes in the existing connections provided his/her contact details are mapped to an existing account.